Cyber Security Certification Training

MS CYRIGO’s Cyber Security Program helps to prepare students with advance capabilities that empower them with the knowledge to recognize and minimize cyber security threats.  Identifying and troubleshooting network security issues is an essential talent needed to protect our critical information systems.   In class some of the topics reviewed include operations, secure infrastructure, software engineering, technical support, security management, and network security.

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Our Services

Cyber Security Training & Risk Consulting

Ms Cyrigo

MS CYRIGO is a Cyber security organization changing the way the world views risk, intelligence, and governance.  Offering training to better prepare the future cyber work force with the knowledge and tools needed to mitigate risks and close security gaps.

In addition, MS CYRIGO's mission is to combat cyber attackers, prevent data breaches, and increase your company's security posture.  We offer Compliance and Risk Assessments, Security Awareness Training, and Application Security Testing. Complying with regulatory requirements can be challenging so our experts thrive on protecting our clients.

MS CYRIGO’s framework consist of a strategy, security controls, awareness, resilience, recovery, and continuity.  Establishing procedures for objectives such as: threat management, identity and access management, incident response, data protection, contingency and succession plans, vendor management, and disaster recovery integrates a proactive approach to cybercrime.