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(DoDD 8140.01 & DoD 8570.01-m)

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The DoD Directive on Cyberspace Workforce Management purpose is to unify the overall cyberspace workforce and establishes specific workforce elements(cyberspace effects, cyber security, and cyberspace information technology (IT)) to align, manage and standardize cyberspace work roles, baseline qualifications, and training requirements. This directive does not address operational employment of the work roles.

Operational employment of the cyberspace workforce will be determined by the Joint Staff, Combatant Commands, another DoD Components to address mission requirements.The policy is that, The DoD maintains a total force management perspective to provide qualified cyberspace government civilian and military personnel to identified and authorized positions, augmented where appropriate by contracted services support. These personnel function as an integrated workforce with complementary skill sets to provide an agile, flexible response to DoD requirements.  {(1c,3a) DoD Directive 8140.01, “Cyberspace Workforce Management (DoD CIO),” July31, 2017}