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The Real Definition of Application Security

Have you ever wondered if it is really crucial for your applications to be secured just like any other component in the computing world? Absolutely yes, because by securing your apps you will have the peace of mind that it is safe from the evil elements that surround the cyberspace.

What is application security by the way and the process that comprises it? Nowadays as you will notice applications on all sorts of the platform are getting popular because it is used on a daily basis.

Some people are getting dependent on it because those apps are not only found in big desktop computers just like in the early times. Right now, people can utilize apps even on their smartphones and use them on their advantage to make their life easier.

This is the primary reason why applications are prone to hackers and those hackers are finding vulnerabilities on those apps that we use. A single vulnerability that they found can cause a lot of trouble not only on the user but for the app developers as well.

Furthermore, how can you protect yourself from such attacks? Then the implementation of application security is the solution to it because it is the complete process of transforming the app to become safer. For this to be accomplished the app must be fixed thoroughly and by adding a security feature on it.

Although this can be easily done when the app is still being developed, it is still possible to edit even the app is deployed already. However, it could be time-consuming depending on the severity of the update and the complexity of the app.

These methods and tools to accomplish them and it is worth it to implement them since hackers right now are prevalent. Several ways to do it is by optimizing the codes, editing access rights and modifying encryptions.

The Importance of Application Security

The safety of your business relies on how quickly you can resolve issues regarding app security. You must do it in a timely manner however this can actually make you prone to mistakes especially when you are rushing things up.

So you must always never compromise quality even you are doing things as quickly as possible. One example is the usual error in coding that developers commit which makes way to unverified inputs. It is a vulnerability that hackers can use to their advantage and utilize it for SQL injection attacks.

Here is the importance of application security in bulleted points:

  • Application security makes work lesser in terms of complexity because the occurrence of bugs will significantly decrease.

  • It helped enterprises to improve their security measures which benefitted them for the long-term. It is evident because nowadays IT enterprises are fast in resolving issues, testing, and building prototypes.

However, threats right now are becoming more complex that is why continuous development is critical for enterprises to implement. This will make them more ready if there are attacks that will occur in the near future.

The Tools that We Can Use in Application Security

When it comes to the tools that can be utilized for application security we can actually segregate it into two categories. They are the application used in shielding products and security testing tools. These are further used and categorized into 4 types of testing namely:

  • Mobile testing – this is made particularly for mobile platforms and check how an intruder can take advantage of the operating systems in mobile and its applications.

  • Dynamic testing – it concentrates on running code. It is very beneficial because it can mimic attacks on various systems and know more about its patterns. This can help prevent those kinds of attacks in the future.

  • Interactive testing –is the mix of dynamic and static testing.

  • Static testing – when the development process occurs it takes note of the code during fixed points. It is always nice for developers to check on their codes while they coding so that they will be aware of glitches or vulnerabilities before they deploy the app.

Another way for developers to check on their codes is by using online code checkers to analyze their codes. Online code checkers are getting popular nowadays because they are easier to use compared to manual testing tools. Aside from that, online code checkers allow coders to send the analysis online to IT companies to analyze it more resulting in better apps.

Aside from the tools stated above, there are much more tools that are used by advanced developers worldwide namely:

  • Code obfuscation – before it is used by hackers to inject malware and hide them effectively. Right now, it is used in the opposite way by means of replicating it to create a countermeasure to make the app more secure.

  • Threat finder tools – these are utilized to study the network or environment where a certain app is used. This will help developers to make a conclusion about the different threats that the app might encounter.

See? There are tools that you thought that is only used for inflicting harm on people in the cyber world. But if it will be utilized well you will know that it can also be used in a good way by reversing its use which is for the greater good of the society.

The Role of the End Users in Preventing Vulnerabilities

It does not mean that if you are not an IT professional particularly the ones that are working in an IT security firm you do not have any part at all in preventing vulnerabilities. End users also do have a part in maintaining a great and safe experience in using the apps which is crucial. By doing the following you will have a lesser chance of experiencing crashes and other stuff that are due to vulnerabilities.

  • Ensure that you have a nice antivirus - a good antivirus will help you in combating threats no matter what platform you are using. Nowadays, even phones have the capacity to be equipped with antivirus since its operating system is a mimic of what we use on our PCs. Unlike before when phones are just used for mere SMS messaging and calls.

  • Do not open sites that are not trusted – unsafe sites can bring a lot of risk on your apps. Those unsafe apps can inject malware and can crash those apps immediately and the worst thing is it can steal stored data on the app.

  • Never ever download apps or files from unsecured sites – there are times when we tempt to download an app or file from websites because of the mere fact that it is just enticing to download it. Some of those files/apps are just there waiting for you to download them and trap you. Once you download them it will find its way to intrude your system damaging as much as it could as possible.

  • Keep your operating system updated – no matter what operating system you are using it is only fair if you will update it from time to time. By having an updated OS, new vulnerabilities can be prevented because from time to time developers are updating the OS and checking if there are vulnerabilities then modifying the codes. This will prevent you from experiencing unwanted scenarios on your apps or on the operating system itself.

  • Never ever used counterfeit programs – counterfeit programs are known for their lack of support and instability. Since they are only a mimic of the original you can expect that they cannot be updated and at the same time has a lot of flaws in their coding.

By doing those countermeasures your role as an end-user will be a critical factor in achieving a complete and safe app using experience minus the vulnerabilities.

What are the Challenges in App Security?

As we all know app security is a broad topic because it can cover a lot of different apps. Aside from that, applications throughout different platforms evolve that is why the continued pursuit of getting things done becomes a challenge.

Furthermore, IT professionals need to know the needs of the business because a lot of companies enter the world of digital products. This makes apps become more complex and securing them becomes much harder.

Although there are lots of challenges in the app security it is somehow advantageous. The ability to provide a challenge to IT professionals in the IT security industry will help developers to create much more effective tools and apps for the betterment of the world.

This will take time because on a daily basis there are new threats that are sprouting. Being updated on the current trends on app security is the answer to this and by doing so the intrusion of new threats can be prevented.


Right now, there are over a thousand IoT vulnerabilities present in the world right now and it is increasing day by day. However, due to the vigilance of the IT security professional nowadays the vulnerabilities have significantly decreased in numbers. This only depicts that there is an effective campaign against those threats and IT people are doing their best to combat there.

Well, it does not only apply to applications but to other branches of IT as well because in order to be protected from threats the overall system must be well secured.

The bottom line is you must not leave all the burden on the IT people but end users must do their part as well. This will ensure that vulnerabilities will not breakthrough through the apps that you are using.

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