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Who We Are

MS CYRIGO is a Cyber security organization changing the way the world views risk, intelligence, and governance. Offering training to better prepare the future cyber work force with the knowledge and tools needed to mitigate risks and close security gaps.

In addition, MS CYRIGO's mission is to combat cyber atta
ckers, prevent data breaches, and increase your company's security posture.  We offer Compliance and Risk Assessments, Security Awareness Training, and Application Security Testing.   Complying with regulatory requirements can be challenging so our experts thrive on protecting our clients.

Mapping the appropriate statutory and regulatory, and contractual obligations encompasses our scope for IT governance infrastructure.  We use framework controls such as NIST 800-53, ISO 27001, GDPR, NIST 800-171, FedRAMP, etc.  Protecting confidential information, data retention and securing payment systems and data retention and disaster recovery amongst other regulations related to accountability are the methods used in implementing an IT governance program.


Our professionals will review the Cyber security governance maturity by defining:  The framework and analyzing how business units, Executive leadership and staff collaborate with day-to-day management activities for security controls. Our experienced Cyber security professionals will serve with integrity and confidence as they provide proactive planning with innovative solutions.


Courses Taught



Professionals Trained



Pass Rate

90% First Attempt
100% Retake

*Contingent upon the student completing the required pre-class training, studying a minimum of two hours of per night, and passing the end of course exam.


Our mission is to inspire and develop a well-informed cybersecurity workforce by empowering individuals through education and hands-on training to acquire Cybersecurity Certifications.  In addition, to mitigate cyber-attacks and data breaches by providing agencies and organizations with risk and cyber security assessments.  These performance metrics provide executive leadership tools to measure against CIS Controls (Center for Internet Security) which is recognized as the global standard and best practices for securing IT systems.


CEO & Founder
E.V. Ray has over 12 years of experience and serviced in a myriad of positions supporting and training our military forces.   
She has utilized her leadership expertise to assist government entities in the US, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan and private sector organizations all over the world.  She has consulted and managed the operation of more than $65 million, as the Theater Lead.  Ensuring regulatory compliance utilizing  such baselines as CIS Controls, NIST Cybersecurity Framework, & FedRAMP Compliance.  In addition, E.V. Ray, has assisted organizations securing their network infrastructure  for programs that include Biometrics (NIST 800-76-2), GRCP, Privacy Framework, Data security, Configuration baselines, BCP/DRP, RFP responses, Incident response, Awareness and training, Encryption, and IT service management.

To maintain the full lifecycle of Global Information Security and emphasis on cybersecurity, policies/procedures, gap analysis, security assessments, compliance certification readiness, GDPR, FFIEC, ISO, HIPAA, CCPA, DRP, SOC, EU Data Protection, EU-US Privacy Shield, EU Switzerland Privacy Framework, etc.,  AWS Security Configurations, source code security, security breach regulations, and remediation have increased in an effort to fulfill business outcomes.  To augment efficiency through network performance, E.V. Ray, would identify component issues, regulate patch management, and conduct end user training on an as needed basis relative to NIST 800-30, NIST 800-64, and NIST 800-137. 

As a Cyber Security Executive E.V. Ray, supports the Cyber team providing Instruction, developing policies and procedures to ensure implementation of secure evaluations for student curriculum development support for IA Security Courses. She has researched system security evaluations, completed audits, and provided feedback on problematic trends and patterns for the Cyber team.  E.V. Ray, ensures the Cybersecurity team maintains system configurations,  implementation upgrades and any changes to software and performance management methods are managed through change management as recommended in the accreditation review results in accordance NIST 800-78.  
She has the following certifications:  CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, Security+, CASP+, LINUX+, CISSP, CCNA, CNDA, CEH, CCNA Security, and NSA CNSS 4011 Infosec.
Additional Training Received or Completed:
Project Management, Engagement Manager, U.S. Army Basic Instructor (ABIC/FIFC), Assured Compliance Assessment Solution (ACAS), Contract Office Representative (COR), Information Manager Office (IMO), and Cyberspace Defense Certificates.

"Through Learning we connect your Purpose, Passion, and Profession to your Goals and Dreams"  



To maintain the CIA Triad Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability by training Cybersecurity Experts.  MS CyRIGo implements governance and compliance solutions that establish the foundation for controlling cybersecurity risks.  MS CyRIGo will target Cyber Maturity by aligning with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework and/or Privacy Framework that best supports the security and privacy obligations to transcend their cyber landscape.  


To influence key stakeholders in the information security industry throughout the world via partnerships, recurrent awareness training, innovative security strategies, data security practices, and risk management exercises.   

To become the premier choice for the government, private sector, and non-profit agencies seeking technical expertise and guidance pertaining to cybersecurity and privacy policies, procedures and regulations.

To become the leading training provider in cybersecurity and privacy, concentrating on Department of Defense (DoD 8570.1M) requirements and industry specific cybersecurity certification needs.

To ensure the educational path is identified and implemented by leaders of cybersecurity and privacy for the government, private sector, and non-profit entities seeking to secure their infrastructure.




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